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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Intro to Cocky Funny

Intro to Cocky Funny:

Cocky/Funny: An attitude closely related to Push/Pull that combines borderline cocky/confident behavior with humor.

Why use the Cocky/ Funny method?

-This method allows you to attract women of higher quality. You can attract women who are independent and successful; lawyers, doctors, etc.

-It helps you act more playful, independent and confident.
-Instead of courting you are having fun and creating a more meaningful interaction between you and the girl.

-Helps you to better understand the natural role of the male.

How to be Cocky/ Funny?

The Idea is to start out by saying something sweet or nice.(Ex: "Wow, you look very nice."-Pull-) Then add a few more pulls. After you've done that you then say something that disqualifies them.(Ex: "It won't work now because you don't like Boxing."-Push-)

-At a Club/Bar:

When I use this method I may be in a club and see a girl I find attractive walking by. I will simply walk in front of her and tell her, "Excuse me, we haven't been introduced. I'm Redsky." She then may reply with, "Nice to meet you, I'm so and so."

After this I tell her that I couldn't just let her walk by without talking to her.

She may say something like, what do you mean? or thank you.

I'll then tell her, "look at you, you look very nice. You look like you just got out of a photoshoot. I have to get your number."

She most likely will laugh and ask me if I'm from around here.

If she does then I'll reply, "That doesn't matter, what matters is me getting to know the beautiful girl standing in front me."(Make sure to maintain eye contact with a slight smile on your face.)

If she doesn't say "Ok" immediately and puts up a fight then she may do a couple of things. She will probably turn away and join her friends(If she isn't at all into you) or she will tell you, "No, I have a boyfriend, etc." And resume the conversation with a follow up question about you.

For example: She asks you what you are doing in the city, etc. I'd reply with something like, "How bout you take a guess."(This makes the conversation more playful or fun, which in return makes you more interesting.)

If she hasn't walked away before then she will most likely guess and answer you. It doesn't matter what she says, you tell her, "You're close."

Now, take a step closer while closing the gap so that you are inches apart. Make sure you are keeping eye contact with a slight smile.

I then lower my voice and tell her, "You make me feel shy, like a boy with a crush. You're making my hands freeze and shake. feel them."(I grab her hand)

She may say something like, "They aren't freezing."

If she says something like this then it's a perfect time to drop her hand and say, "You think I'm lying, don't you. I just spilled my heart and you tell me I'm lying. It won't work now. The wedding is off. I'm taking the T.V. you can keep the gold fish."

Now wait and gauge her reaction. Does she look entertained, smiling and sticking around? If yes, then you can go back up to her with a smile and say, "Ok party's over, what's your number?" You could even escalate more and say, "Ok fun's over, let's get a drink."

*Last chance*

If she starts to leave then get in front of her. I've had success stopping them and saying something like, "Don't leave yet, you'll break my heart. I swear if you leave me like this then I'll go home and cry. (Making a puppy dog face.)

She may laugh. If she does then last opportunity, I will finish it off with, "SO, what's your number?" (Handing her my phone so it's harder to object.)

-While walking around during the day:

Me: "Excuse me."

Her: "yes?"

Me: "We haven't been introduced, I'm Redsky."

Her: "Hi Redsky."

Me: "Do you go to church? Because I don't."(evil smile)

Her: (smiles)

Me: "you're cute, let's hang out sometime."

Her: "ok."

Me: "What's your number?" (As I hand her my phone.)

*Like all methods, expect to be rejected and get wrong numbers. Not every girl is going to be interested. However mastering this will definitely increase your rate of success with women in general.*

This method is not for everyone. I believe it is more suited for the guys who don't like to give up easily.

So there's my take on the aspects of cocky/funny and how to use it. Hope I got the message acrossed.

Best of luck.