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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art of Conversation

-Art of Conversation:

I-Intro(opener): Party/Bar

Ask her name. Before she tells you, say, "it doesnt matter what your name is. I'm giving you a nickname."

Ask her if she does yoga. Say she has good posture like a pineapple under the sea. Or anything backhanded will do. She will laugh. Then say, "You're cute but dont let that go to your head."

Now tell her whenever she laughs, "She just won points with you for laughing." Go for a high five switch to hug combo. If she goes for it, tell her, "hands off the merchandise."

II-Questions: Ask positive, open ended questions.

Ex: "What were you doing before you came here?"

"Did you see the fight outside?"

"What are dominant and positive qualities that you like in a guy?"-In this one if she says things like she wants someone exciting, adventurous, etc. then she is most likely turned on.

If she says, boring stuff like: Honest, respectful, gentleman then she is not turned on.

III-Statements: Instead asking questions, now you can make statements which a pretty much fillers to keep the conversation going.

Ex: Me: "Last week I was out with a friend from high school. I hadn't seen him in years. We partied like crazy. I had a lot of fun."

IV-Making a connection:

A way to do this is after joking around with her, go back to a serious topic like what she is studying.


Me: you're studying to be a Doctor right? 
Her: yes
Me: you know really, I find that interesting.


After talking to her for 20 mins or so I suggest trying to get her comfortable with you touching her.

1: I usually will get them to sit with me somewhere somewhat private and talk with them. I may put my hands out and tell them to grab my hands.

2: I might ask her how my hands feel feel, Say something like "are the too 'rough' for you?" "Rough" is a good trigger word for her, will definitely get her mind wandering in good areas.
If they are doing this then they are probably going to let me kiss them.

3: I like to move my head really close to their's slowly and make sure to keep eye contact. Move in and out and keep eye contact no matter what.

4 : I'll close my eyes slightly like I'm squinting and come in again. When she looks like she is coming in then I'll back away slightly and then kiss her right after she comes in.

If you do this like I said then she will let you kiss her but make sure it is when she slightly comes forward as you are moving away.

+Now that you got the kiss you can pretty much get the number and move on to getting a 1 on 1 date later on .

If you are feeling really good then you could consider isolating her to a more private venue. Play a game of pool and tell her after 1 or 2 games let's get out of here.

If she says ok then grab her hand and walk out to get a taxi and you are free to go to your place.

*Mentality: Pretend like you are at a party you threw and that everyone here is your guest.*

So that's a brief breakdown of a conversation.

Best of luck.